• Compact and yet spacious

    The Festicabin provides enough room to accommodate two people.


    All Events has also thought about the security of your visitor. Which is why every cabin is fitted with a lockable door.

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  • Comfort

    Every modern comfort and convenience has been thought of:

    • double bed or 2 single beds
    • RGB-LED lighting to create a delightful ambience
    • a locker
    • storage space for clothes
    • Every Festicabin also features a power socket and USB charger
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  • All Events also handles the transport and installation of your Festicabins:

    • With their compact dimensions, 40 Festicabins can fit on to a single trailer. The cabins can even fit into a sea container and can be shipped to destinations all over the world.
    • Festicabins are fast to install. This means that All Events will be finished and away from your site in no time at all and so won’t get in the way of your staff. We guarantee a low site impact.
    • It is also easy to combine cabins and so create a terrace roof.


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